The purchase of your home or other real property may be the biggest investment of your life. Having the protection of a land survey, and having the assurance that your ownership is secure against land title problems, will mean tremendous peace of mind



You may think that a casual inspection of your property will tell you where all of the boundaries for your (and your next door neighbors’) buildings, fences and other improvements are located.

However, If you purchase or make an improvement to your property without an accurate land survey, you may have a surprise waiting for you! You might determine that your home actually is partly located on your neighbors property, or your neighbor's garage is actually sticking onto your lot. These problems can be avoided ahead of time with a proper land survey by Welsh's.

Land surveying is the practice of the science of measurement; the assembly and assessment of land and geographic related information; the use of that information for the purpose of planning and implementing the efficient administration of the land, the sea and structures thereon; and the instigation of the advancement and development of such practices. 


When buying land and you do not clearly know where the property line is on the ground.
When selling land and you do not clearly know where the property line is on the ground.
When land is not clearly defined by a plat, legal description, or older Land Survey.
When you cannot be certain of the location of your property corners.
When building, Land Surveying often used to determine drainage, setbacks, and proper planning by many.
Before land is divided. When a lending institution requires a survey for a mortgage.
Before building a fence, building, shed, or anything close to an unknown property line.
Before timber is to be cut near a property line.
When purchasing title insurance.
When applying for a "Torrens Title" to "register" you and your land title.
Whenever a boundary line or corner is unknown or in disagreement.
To settle a boundary dispute of some type.
When you think you might have an encroachment on your land.

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